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Directions for the Foldable Insert


Itís best to use Legal Sized paper. 14 by 8 Ĺ. You could use normal letter paper but then it would be too small to read. After folding legal fits perfectly and legibly.

1. Download the PDF below.

2. Print it, both sides, doesnít matter how it gets printed on the other side although you may have a preference.  One way when you have it all spread out up and down are the same on both sides, the other way you can just flip or rotate from side 1 to side 2 rather than turning. And thatís kind of nifty.

3.  Carefully fold the page in half Ė long ways (you now have a 14 inch strip)

4. Carefully fold in thirds with the Cheap Nothing logo as the front and whichever you please as the back.

5. Slip the folded insert into the cardboard sleeve of the album and/or read the contents therein.



Download Here