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Things go slower than all get out. but now. maybe. I'm ok with it.
but now its about here. much later than the much later it was than it ought to have been.  Double Pre-release to be combined in the new Midwestern home-base with a post-release. pre-releases to be sent with the long overdue royalty statements soon thereafter.

sometimes my singing voice sounds like I have a cold.

now we skip back


I think the myspace/cheapnothing may catch it up a bit.

you can skip ahead to a year later at



that was more than a month!
much more!

but man do I have story for you.



Re-locating facility. 
Transition may take up to a month: 
Everything's a mess. 
Organize mess into containers.
Contained mess will be re-located. 
Cosmos created from said mess. 

Increased Probability of Happiness.



By the Way.
I did send that piece into
PAS - two weeks ago - finished it just in time.
No MIDI Realization though.  Once I gave up on trying that I found numerous revisions to make the score credible.
So it was a good move. 

Must Return Module.

I also finished editing and composing around "Jammy Yoon's Clip Factory aka "Among Thieves" soundtrack.
It was a much more positive experience than I had previously imagined.
Its not genius but at its best its
perfect for the film and at worst its unorthodoxically blandish or un-blandishly orthodox.

So both those set goals have been met.
The third will not mostly because the operation is moving to what I'm hoping is a friendlier artistic environment despite an even more antagonistic wallet environment.
I'm sure the benefits will outweigh the costs.
But the
tunes are up and should abound.
My life is a repetition of beginnings. Just like my name suggests.


New Tune up.
Yoon dropped off recordings for film. Must finish on Tuesday.
which means
Digital Score Destruction really just impossible.                                                                                                                  not enough time.
It's a rehearsal recording really. Entirely unprofessional process at professional's pace. 
I'll probably just duplicate the recording with pitch shift and time shift.                                 Boring.                  Uninteresting.
oh well.

This will stop being a journal about what's stopping me from getting started and becoming a journal of the album process by the latest June.  I hope.
I'll put a dotted line between sections.

We're gonna fax the Ap. If we get it life is good. If not, not.
always loathsome though.
oh well.


Yoon called me. It seems that corners were cut on sound -(just like in production) -
- so I'll just be needed as a score recording consultant and a
Digital Score Destroyer.
Big Mini-Marketing Blitz coming up for previous album.  
Tunes coming back before the end of this month. 


Site was down for Four days unbeknownst to me.  Mother Site was being relocated and I wasn't sufficiently notified about Folder Tinkering.
I don't work around a computer, I work at least 60 hours a week, and I was under the impression that nothing was supposed to have changed.
Also this week my cell phone died
my computer monitor died
but I printed out the PAS piece for revisions
the cell phone found a new body for cheap and the monitor resurrected itself though.
hopefully the site has now been resurrected quick enough as well, as it must be if yer reading this.
still of course it has been a deadly week besides - reminiscent for me only of the whole year of 1994.
I know this is boring but things are gonna get good soon. I promise. 



To be fair maybe Yoon couldn't rely on me because of everything not working.
Everything being the electricity and my Computer.
That's history now though.
Almost done with computerizing PAS piece.
Should of finished by now but I went to the Bronx a couple of days ago to borrow a module. 
I spent all of today trying to figure it out.  I've got Finale talking to it, but I can't get Digi to listen to it. 
So I'm just gonna use headphones OR see if I can hook up speakers right out of the module. 
Making the piece
MIDI friendly is going to be a big challenge when I do finish the original notation component.

need to do better research.


160-page playbook .  Not dangerous to your computer.  Don't worry.  Other than that - Worry.  Dangerous.


Computer Re-Haul/Overhaul completed successfully - (cross fingers)
PAS contest piece commenced computeredization. 
Seems Yoon film is not happening for me anymore since its about mid march and I haven't heard from him.
I think he got angry when I insisted that there indeed was or had to be a sound library to access at the school of visual arts 
and that we need to access it, maybe I'm out. As much of a load off my mind that is it is still disappointing.
My filmic interest has certainly gone down a little after seeing Yoon torture himself and strangle his own film.


Sty less porked.
Computer overhaul commences today. Hopefully this will do the trick.
Paid network administrator $30 to excavate dead rodent underneath the couch.
Fasting makes me hungry. Started computer overhaul too early.
There's still a temporary power line running across the street to this building.
About to do another 4 straight double-shift run. I'll do one or two more then try to opt out.
Then I should have more time for


Just finished 4 straight days of double shifts which immediately followed my return from Columbus.  Hell post Heaven.
Computer seems to work again.  ProTool undoubtedly remains on Fritz.  Still need to computer Perc. Piece.
Not much input regarding Yoon Film.
Listened to ideas left on voice-mail over past months- very encouraging.  Must get back to work.
Return computer to its closet, clean this pig-sty then get to  those 4 month goals.  Post-Haste.
recipes back up.


No power in my building in Brooklyn for 2 weeks now.
I'm updating this with notepad in a computer lab in Columbus, OHIO.
My web/music box is beyond the fritz.
Finished Percussion Ensemble piece on paper.  


0pen Letters The Album - Plan of Attack
(this is has nothing to do with the free tunes section of this site.  Album process hasn't started yet.)



4 Month Goals:

PAS contest                                                                                    -April 15
Sound design and Re-score for Jammy Yoon Film                         -
April 26
Drums and Git-tar Ampage done for all remaining tunes               -
May 22
Fix Pro-Tools and/or Computer                                                     -some time over and over and over again

Post 4 Month Period Priority:

0pen Letters Album


My Pro Tool has been repeatedly attempting suicide, I'm having a recurring nightmare about writing a song that I can't remember by the time I wake up,  I'm running for president and writing leftist Christian children's books in my imagination, I live with too many dam people and make too little dam money, and waste my own dam time, I've forgotten how to read, probably how to think, got to stop talking to most people, I have to start the band this year, second album?, clear my head, hermitization failure, seasonal mood disorder (big time), the playoffs, work hours to increase after that, then I'm gonna fast till Ohio, then fast again till Easter, need bourgeois lifestyle, need routine to art successfully, so I have to find a realistic facsimile first, and to avoid the holiday slump from slumping any further even though I have more than 50 songs left to get rid of still.